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Bookings Information

When you book, we will send you a rental agreement and two invoices. You must read and approve the rental agreement and then scan or send by mail within ten days.
The first invoice you pay 20% of the total price ie a final booking within ten days, invoice no two you pay no later than 4 weeks before arrival.

In the event of a need to cancel the booking of the apartment, the following applies:

100% of the rental amount (after deducted reservation amount) is refunded if the tenant cancels 45 days before arrival *
75% of rental amount (after deducted booking fee) is refunded if tenant cancels 30 days before arrival *
50% of rental amount (after deducted reservation amount) is refunded if tenant cancels 21 days before arrival *
25% of the rental amount (after deducted reservation amount) is refunded if the tenant cancels 14 days before arrival **

* The booking fee is not refunded upon cancellation.
** If cancellation is made later than 14 days before arrival, the tenant pays the entire rental amount. If cancellation is made (later than 14 days before arrival) due to e.g. disease, this must be proved by a medical certificate issued by a licensed doctor / doctor. If such a certificate can be presented, 80% of the rental amount is paid back to the tenant.

In order to book with us we have an age limit of 30 years (children of the family are of course welcome) .We do not have fixed weekdays for bookings minimum is one week.The tenant has access to the apartment / house arrival day from 15.00 and must leave the apartment / house no later than 11.00 the day of departure. According to a new law in Spain from June 2016, all tenants must bring a copy of their passport which you give to the rental manager at Nerja Living upon arrival, then you will also get the key to the house / apartment.

Deposit fee is mandatory and will be refunded if the property is in the same condition as when the rental period was started.

Reservations made after March 14, 2020

Our Force Majeure Policy will not cover accommodation bookings made after March 14, 2020, except if the border from the tenant country and Spain borders are closed or Spain closed own
borders. Circumstances related to the coronavirus that are excluded from our coverage included: transportation interruptions and cancellations; restrictions and recommendations for travelers; sanitary and quarantine instructions; changes in applicable legislation and other measures ordered by the authorities, such as evacuation orders, bans on short-term rentals or the obligation of self-isolation.

The purpose of our Force Majeure Policy is to protect travelers and hosts in the event of unforeseen circumstances that arise after booking. Since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, we cannot apply the Force Majeure Policy to cancellations related to the coronavirus and its consequences, since they are no longer considered an unforeseen or unexpected circumstance.

You are very welcome!